Literature and Medicine on location

In 2014 we started with a course of one week given on location. In many novels in the field of literature and medicine the location of the novel plays an important role. One of the finest examples is The magic Mountain by Thomas Mann. The first course we developed was Beauty, disease and decay in Venice. After that we started a second course in Vienna.

These courses were initially developed for the Higher Education of the Elderly in Amsterdam, but they were soon made also available for the students of the Honour Program of both Amsterdam Universities. Starting in September 2017, this activity will become integral part of the VU Medical Center Literature and Medicine program. This means that we will offer more locations and more possibilities for these courses. For instance they can be shorter, more or less medical, and also in English, because at the moment these courses are in Dutch.

At this moment, the following courses are available:


Future courses under development

The following courses are developed at the moment.

Venice and Trieste

This four day course, with, among others, Italo Svevo, James Joyce and Rainer Maria Rilke, is planned for  2019. The teachers are Arko Oderwald and Sofie Vandamme. We hope to know more on August 1, 2018.