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Ziekte door andere ogen/Disease through other eyes


Activities in the field of Literature and medicine

The following activities take place in the field of Literature and Medicine at VU Medical Center and the Free University.


  • Symposium VU Medical Center (Yearly)
  • 20 doctors and a writer (4 times a year)
  • Symposium about depression in fiction (15 september 2017)
  • Poetry for and by doctors



  • PhD projects
    • Euthanasia in novels and movies (2016)
    • Depression in autobiographies (2018)
    • Disease and creativity (starts July 1, 2017)
  • Other projects
    • Physician-writers
    • The advantages of being ill.


  • Optional Course Literature and Medicine for medical master students (VU Medical Center) (NL)
  • Literature and Medicine in the Higher Education for Elderly (Free University) (NL)
  • Honours program VU and UVA: Illness, Image, and Metaphor: Cancer in Public Discourse. (Free University) (English)
  • Honours program VU and UVA: Psychiatry in Literature. (Free University) (English)
  • Courses on location
    • Venice
    • Vienna


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